Friday 10th May 2019

Dear Parents,

A perennial conversation I have with parents is around the value of private tutoring, or more often the tutor/testing centres popular in recent years. To use a crude analogy: the farmer wants his prize pig nice and fat for the market. In order to get there, he needs to feed the pig, not just weigh it. A lot of the growing tutoring market seems to hinge on such with children tested ad nauseam in one way or another. Of course, being rather more complex than livestock, children can end up being entirely bored and switched off from learning if they sit doing past papers every day, even when jazzed up in some online tuition centre. They also get stressed out by the pressure. Talking to parents a common theme is that ‘everyone is doing it’ therefore we must have a competitive edge. I disagree; I feel you would get far more out of investing in learning, in ‘feeding’ rather than ‘weighing’, after all we are doing plenty of assessment in school as it is. So in terms of feeding the boys some good learning this week we can celebrate:

Year 3 enjoyed the, now annual, popular trip to Hindleap Warren; a first taste of independence for many being away overnight and a great chance for some exciting teambuilding, albeit in the rain, before they enter the Senior Department after the summer. Thanks to the staff for their TLC across all this. 

In Music, our Choir competed well at the Charterhouse School Choral event on Tuesday; the boys really had to ‘raise the bar’ as they took on some girls’ choirs and serious competition. 

Year 5 combined both Geography and Classics study with a field trip to Kent to study the River Darent and visit Lullingstone Roman Villa.

Also worth a mention, the Year 2 visit last week to Sutton Ecology Centre to push forward their scientific knowledge; and also rounding off the week today, our Senior Boys’ House Golf Tournament.

And finally, many congratulations to Oscar who is our Head Boy for the Summer Term. We look forward to him displaying his officer credentials over the forthcoming weeks.

Enjoy the weekend 

John Towers


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