Friday 23rd June

­Dear Parents,

Undeterred by the heat, our boys stepped up to three fine Sport Days this week: EYD, Juniors and Seniors: such a fantastic turn out of parents to support these events. Special thanks to Mr Matthews, the Sport Department and all of the staff helpers who surpassed themselves with the organisation of the events this year. The boys were fantastic, despite the weather… hot dogs!

We’ve had various curriculum visits, through the week, and it was lovely to see the French Department organise the French Verse Competition this week for boys from Year 3 to Year 6.

Music steps up to the fore with a marvellous Year 3 concert performed last night and looking ahead we have the Senior Department Summer Concert coming up the week after next.

Next week, something very different and we hope very enjoyable, informative and celebratory for the boys with our ‘One World Week’.  From Scottish dancing to the haka, from ninjas to mindfulness, from African drumming to boomerangs, the staff are pulling out the stops to share some fresh skills and knowledge with the boys as we begin to celebrate the end of a successful year.  We will share this with you via Facebook and Twitter.

An appeal to parents regarding film and photography; at present we maintain a sensible and family friendly policy in this area. We do need a few parents to please exercise a bit more consideration at events, as there is risk that such can cause difficulties to those present and trying to watch their own children.  On such, the parking please… we’ve had a few heated neighbours over recent weeks with blocked drives and the like. I know parking is tricky, but we must enjoy the goodwill of the local community. 

Finally, thanks, in advance, to the Homefield Association for all of the organisation happening this week for the Family Fun Day!

Have a good weekend,

John Towers


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