Friday 12th January 2018

­Dear Parents,

Welcome back to 2018. I hope you were able to enjoy a good break over the holiday.

Whilst you were away we’ve been busy: we know from talking to the boys that they are very keen to move forward with technology and with that in mind we’ve started rolling out the first part of our plan to make this a real area of excellence. So, the Computer Suite has been completely upgraded with state of the art, touch screen PCs, as well as new furniture.  Elsewhere, and less glamorous but practical, a new heating system has been installed in the Sports Hall. 2018 will see us move forward with many such improvements.

Diary events are already on the website: We have seen a great take up of extra-curricular clubs this term. Across the school we now run over 90 clubs per week, as the boys appear to gain so much from this enrichment. There is lots happening to see us through January, including a bit of fun, such as the  Parents’ Association Film Night, so do look ahead for these dates.

The older boys have already been across competitive fixtures on the rugby field. Elsewhere, we also aim high with our, now annual, run at the national Townsend Warner Prize for History.

I’ve explored ‘new year resolutions’ with the boys and the power of good habits in assemblies. With my own, now teenage, children I take away phones and electronic devices at a certain point in the evening. A bit of talking, reading, some relaxation… rather than worrying about what’s across a social network seems to be a good habit to push.

A final note, congratulations go to Cory our newly elected Head Boy for the Spring Term.

Have a good weekend,

John Towers


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