Homefield Supplies 28th Puppy to the Guide Dogs

In presenting yet another cheque for £1000 to The Guide Dogs Association this week, Homefield maintained a tradition dating back some thirty years. This particular cheque will go towards sponsoring Homefield’s 28th puppy!

Mrs Audrey Butler, a blind representative from the charity, has been coming into Homefield to collect our donations for many years. Audrey has introduced the boys to several of her guide dogs over the years. Unfortunately, her last dog called Major passed away last year and Audrey is awaiting the arrival of a new guide.

Whenever Audrey comes into school, she talks to the pupils in depth about life as a blind person and also shows them some of the incredible devices that she uses from day to day to help her, including a machine that can tell her what colours people are wearing!

The Guide Dog Association is a wonderful and very worthwhile charity and it is great for the boys to see first-hand the difference their donations make. The charity is exceptionally grateful to the boys for bringing in their donations every Friday morning. It is incredible how quickly the money builds up!

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