Student Council End of Year Round Up

Autumn Term:

5th Form Penalty Shootout: This was a great way to raise some money and was a huge success.   Our winner was the unstoppable Jay E.   

Homefield Annual House Quiz - We were thrilled that we could both organise this year's house quiz for the entire senior department. Everyone enjoyed the event.

Christmas Decorating Competition 2015 - Classrooms were festooned with decorations over the festive period and the winners of this competition, judged by Mr Towers accompanied by Ved and Rohan, was declared as 5H. A very tough decision given the quality of the entries!

Spring Term:

Lent - A fascinating presentation on 'Lent' was given to the senior department.

Homefield School Magazine – The Student Council, led by Ved and Rohan came up with a stunning idea to create a school magazine. It was finally launched in April, proving a fantastic success. We hope to publish the second edition by December 2015. We thank all the staff for their support and assistance with the whole magazine.

Summer Term:

General Elections – The Student Council gave a presentation on the 'General Elections', to give everyone an overview of the main parties.

Internal Vote – An internal vote was organised between some of the main parties in Britain. It proved to be a worthwhile and informative event, with everyone casting a vote. The final result: the Conservative's won.

Mufti Day - The chosen charity by the whole Student Council was The Children's Trust, Tadworth. This turned out to be a great day with everyone mixing and matching with the colours of the charity’s logo, throughout the entire school. The Student Council has raised over £700 this academic year. Thank you all for your generous donations.

Magna Carta - Ved and Rohan presented a talk on the 'Magna Carta' as a celebration of its 800 year anniversary.  We thank the History Department dearly for checking the presentation!

Homefield's Got Talent- Following last year's event, it was decided to stage another talent show this year. It was a brilliant occasion with the whole of Year 3 and the Senior Department in attendance. The winner was Kavin with his wonderful singing. He did very well indeed as his partner was away so he had to sing and play the piano as well! Thank you all for taking part this year!

Special thanks in particular: All the staff, Mr. Harper, Krisnaa, Harry, Angus, Christopher, Oscar and all the prefects.

                        Rohan and Ved

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