Year 2 Visit Trinity Church

In a modern world where religion seems to be playing a never ending role in the main headlines, boys in Year 2 have been studying the different ways in which people of the Christian faith worship their God and show their belief.

Principally, the boys have been investigating the variety of Christian churches, as well as their symbolism and different styles.

To help with their studies, the students took a trip to one of the school’s local churches, Trinity Church, Sutton. Reverend Dickinson gave the group a very warm welcome, before taking them around his church and showing the boys all the key features of one of Sutton’s most historic buildings. The boys showed great levels of interest, asking a number of inquisitive questions and demonstrating an excellent understanding by the end of the day of how churches assist Christians in their worship.

A big thank you to Mrs Burgess and Mrs Kurn for helping to organise the trip and for accompanying the boys on the day.

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