Year 3 Outing to Roundshaw Downs

Boys in Year 3 underwent a very educational trip to Roundshaw Downs where they got to grips with nature and the various creatures that inhabit the area.

Having travelled by minibus, the young biologists were full of excitement on arrival at the site, which had some stunning views of London. Guided by David and Joe, the boys, working in pairs, began to sweep the grass with their huge nets, aiming to collect tiny creatures and parts of plants.

Once they were finished, the boys tipped the contents of their nets into specimen pots and David helped them to identify what they had caught by emptying the pots onto a white sheet. There were some very interesting finds, including a harvestman spider, froghoppers, damsel bugs, slugs, a tiny labybird, glass snail, ground beetles and a female orb-weaver spider. Unfortunately, the children were unable to see any butterflies due to the cloudy and cold conditions but they were informed that Roundshaw Downs is home to 24 different species of butterflies, an impressive third of all the butterfly species present in Britain.

It was a hugely beneficial and enjoyable day for all involved. The boys all revelled in the freedom to explore the enormous paddock, all the while developing their listening skills and learning how to handle the minibeats they ‘captured’.  A big thanks to Robin Cain and our minibus drivers for helping with the trip. 

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