Year 3 Trip to Hindleap Warren

Pupils in Year 3 had a wonderful day out this week at Hindleap Warren, where they were taught all about the importance of teamwork and self-confidence.

Based within 300 acres of private woodland in Ashdown Forest, Hindleap Warren provides high quality outdoor education and personal development opportunities for young people. The fantastic and experienced team of outdoor professionals provided the Homefield boys with some exciting and challenging activities.

Just some of the activities undertaken were the obstacle course, tent building, tree climbing, bushcraft and the high ropes. All of the boys developed greater self-confidence and independence, as well as accepting personal responsibility for working within a group and respecting the needs of others.

A particular favourite of the boys was the dark tunnels. Zia said: “I was proud that I survived in the tunnels because I thought I would get stuck and never come out again.”

Some of the boys took away a greater sense of self-belief. Hasan declared: “I learned if you believe you can do it, you CAN do it,” whilst Rory professed: “I learned that you should always believe in yourself.”

Most importantly, by the end of the day the boys had learned a lot about teamwork. Ethan said: “I learned that teamwork can get you further than if you do something by yourself,” and Etienne added: “Teamwork only works if you are able to communicate with each other.”

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