Year 7 Boys Going Green

The focus of Year 7’s Geography classes recently has been on different forms of renewable and non-renewable energy and how the world’s ever-increasing carbon footprint is having a dramatic effect on our planet.

Fortunately, thanks to Director of Sport Mr Matthews, the boys got to see the benefits of green energy first hand in the shape of a zero emissions hybrid car. Mr Matthews can charge up his Renault ZOE at home using electricity garnered from solar cells on his roof, meaning the process uses only renewable energy from start to finish. The boys were particularly impressed to hear that the car could travel up to 100 miles and all for free! When invited to do so, they were also unable to find any exhaust pipe on the vehicle.

Mr Matthews is an avid gardener and environmentalist, recycling whenever possible and making excellent use of composting in a bid to reduce his carbon footprint. As such, he is an excellent role-model to the youngsters on a topic that will become increasingly important in their lifetime. 

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