Covid-19 Response

We are proud to say that Covid-19 has provided our community an opportunity to show its true mettle. Our response has been emphatic. No boy has been left behind. During lockdowns we provided Key Worker provision and a depth and range of on-line and live learning to raise the bar in each and every area of academics. Likewise with wellbeing, we provided enhanced support, both 1:1 and for groups wherever needed. In the summer of 2020, all of our year groups were back and in safely before the school holidays. This was down to our commitment, the confidence we inspired in our parents and the winning attitude of our boys. We kept our wider community with us, whether it was using our design and tech lab to produce PPE for our local hospital, or supporting local charities.

Take a look at this film to see the amazing practical and emotional responses of our boys during the pandemic:

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Here are just some of the wonderful messages Mr Towers received from our school community:

"It is impressive to see the effort the school and teachers have put in to ensure rounded education to the boys despite the Lockdown. The quality of online teaching is exemplary. I appreciate the effort that has gone in by all of you to ensure such a large number of online lessons which run seamlessly."

Year 8 Parent

"The provision is way beyond our expectations! As always, the school has come up trumps under very difficult circumstances for the whole country and is a live example of hard work, commitment and determination. Please pass on our thanks to all, we are extremely grateful."

Year 3 Parent

"I would like to express my gratitude to the school for all the efforts you have made during such a difficult period. I think all the staff must be praised for all their passion and effort in organising and carrying out all the on-line teaching despite all the difficulties. I am also grateful for the school re-opening as well. I know that many other school children are not in the position of having such fantastic and dedicated teaching staff. On a personal note, the fee reduction was a huge help to me as well and doubly appreciated given the financial changes that have happened over the past few months to many."

Year 1 Parent

"We would like to thank all of our son's teachers over the past few months in what has been such a difficult time for so many. From Mr Meyer’s singing tutorials to Mrs Lyndham’s maths and story time sessions to Mr Matthews’ games lessons. Our son never complained about getting on with the remote learning - in fact, we were worried he was enjoying it all a bit too much! - although he has been delighted to return to school over the past couple of weeks. We really believe the right balance was struck between live lessons, screen time and other activities."

Year 3 Parent

"We wanted to drop you all a line to say how much we have appreciated all of your efforts (and the whole staff) during these recent months. As a family, it hasn’t been easy for us to adjust so quickly, physically and mentally, to home-schooling both our boys, whilst being cooped up! So I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for you and your staff to have to keep up with all the uncertain changes you have been thrown into, on top of managing your own personal families as well. It has been lovely to see our son engage so positively to his work on Microsoft Teams and it has given me the structure and support I very much needed to keep him going. Your team’s quick response to parents’ health and educational concerns were very much appreciated also. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy to keep all parents happy! Thank you again, and please do pass on our thanks and appreciation to all your staff. Here’s to hopefully a better new term and some level of ‘normality’ in September!"

Year 4 Parent

"Thank you and your staff so much, not only for a good year, but a surprisingly good term. The school and staff have risen to this huge challenge admirably. We have no doubt that the paddling under water has been immense, but the duck on the water has swum very calmly, so thank you! Our son has enjoyed this home learning experience. He has valued the efforts of the teachers and their calm approach. We have been kept well informed by the school throughout, there have rarely been cracks in any learning experience and the pastoral care for students has also continued. All of that requires focused and good (if not exhausting!) leadership."

Year 7 Parent

"Just a quick note to say that I have been extremely impressed by how well you and your staff have adapted to this very trying situation. It must be exceedingly hard work for all of you balancing a spectrum of demands and expectations, but realistically I can’t imagine how the response could have been any better. So, thank you all very much!"

Year 4 Parent

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for everything that you and the staff have done since the start of the lock down. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have to accommodate everyone’s needs. Myself and my son's grandparents think you have all been amazing and appreciate everything you do and continue to do."

Year 3 Parent

"I am writing to you to thank you for pulling this unprecedented time with such efficiency, dedication and passion. I am absolutely amazed that how all the teachers have put in an incredible effort across all the subjects, that just shows the tenacity and dedication of Homefield towards his students. As a parent, I am absolutely gobsmacked seeing the approach, effective online teaching methods and use of current technology that by no means easy to get on. I must say that Homefield is the only school who was able to cover all the subjects online and I am so pleased that my son is a part of such a great institution. The boys were able to come so far with the help of their teachers and commendable leadership of yours and Mr Powell and other head teachers. Thank you very much for bringing a difference in our son's life. I wish you a lovely summer break and look forward to the start of a new, fun filled term for my son."

Year 3 Parent

You may also wish to view our latest Covid-19 Risk Assessment Executive Summary for more detailed information.

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