Headmaster's Highlights

Friday 2nd July 2021

Dear Parents,

Our final ‘Headlines’ of the academic year and some last words from our boys who have handled themselves with grace and determination. Please, I do urge you take just under 5 minutes to watch this wonderful short film. ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ is a story of our last year and a half but also testament to our boys who developed emotional intelligence and the ability to articulate it so well: https://vimeo.com/567038649

We’ve been enjoying our sports days and end of year assemblies, albeit without parents cheering, I’m afraid. We had the boys and staff looking after each other with plenty of applause and kind encouragement.

Lots of praise, medals, certificates and honourable mentions, where it is due this week, so the boys leave at the end of term feeling success. A badge for the School also as we have just been shortlisted for the Independent Schools of the Year Award for ‘Outstanding New Initiative’.

Term comes to an end next week. Over the summer we will be busy finishing the new dining and performance halls, remarkably we are only about a week off track on the build programme. The old hall will be safely fenced off, decommissioned and replaced with the new entrance and administration offices in its place. We will continue with no ‘stop and drop’ whilst we finish the front.

We are fully staffed for September and form tutor lists, etc. will go out with reports next week. My thanks and good luck to: Mr Powell, getting married and relocating to Thailand, to Mrs Lyndham retiring after a solid 26 years’ service and, in particular, to Mrs Gunningham retiring after 33 years’ service with distinguished care for the boys as Head of the Junior Department.

Parents will be aware of the growing furore around government controls that have led to some hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy children being sent home again due to the ‘bubble’ isolation guidance.

We anticipate this matter to be reconsidered in a couple of weeks, so we might come back to school with less restrictions and stress. We will be in contact before the start of next term to let you know what’s happening there.

I hope you can enjoy some quality family time over the summer and thanks so much for your support and patience this year.

John Towers