Headmaster's Highlights

Friday 20th November 2020

Dear Parents,

We are on a mission to keep the School as safe and fully operational as possible, whilst Covid continues to pummel the country. As you know, we have a small group of boys having to isolate at the moment and their parents have been so very understanding and supportive. Thanks to our experience during the first lockdown, we aim to leave no boy behind and so have been teaching a ‘mixed economy’ allowing feeds into the home via the TEAMs platform to facilitate live lessons. We welcome these boys back after the mandatory 14 days out are complete. We must brace for more of this and the likelihood that some of our staff may be required to self-isolate, due to track and trace. We will remain assiduous with safety and practical when dealing with any challenges emerging. We need to ensure as much uninterrupted and solid teaching goes on as possible.

The good news is, after looking at grade cards, book work scrutiny, formal lesson observations and a deep dive into standardised assessment data, we can see student attainment has not dipped away from our normal high standards. Your sensitivity and support has been essential here as the boys have experienced a good learning journey, even when we had enforced site closure earlier this year.

We must keep going, even as we constantly adjust to the emerging situation and the updates of government guidance for schools to keep pace. There are many unsung heroes here, like Mrs Edwards our librarian who has ‘thermal scanned’ every boy coming into School since March (one of the boys can do the maths on how many scans that is… an awful lot!).

I look forward to getting back to our 150th anniversary celebrations, in due course, and we will throw the party for parents and staff as planned, albeit late. Rainbows!

Elsewhere some nice press this week with the first phase of our new build making waves. In the ‘trade press’ a proud moment as the Independent Schools Council cited us as an exemplar of best practice in its annual report on state school and charitable partnerships. Just because the ‘going got tough’, we did not let go of those we support. We have been a pillar in this community for such a long time and we aim to stay that way.

Enjoy your weekend.

John Towers