Headmaster's Highlights

Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve focused on the two things that really count; the well-being of the community and the continuance of good teaching and learning. It has been a challenge to balance the notions of a London ‘working from home’ and ‘self-isolating’ and the expectation of keeping schools running.

Looking after the boys and the staff, many of whom are in vulnerable groups, is a tall order. Now add in logistics you might normally take for granted such as school meals, minibus services, cleaning (and lots of extra cleaning) and a major capital build (which remains on track for now). Finally, to this heady mix, insert a stream of anxious boys, parents and colleagues needing help.

Let’s keep things steady and as tight as we can. The staff (most of whom are juggling families and childcare just like you), have been superb and have held the line. We have also used our evenings to start planning for more on-line learning, as the government closes the school site to all but sons of ‘key workers’ from today. Please see my separate ParentMails today detailing childcare for next week and also the extension of our online learning resource via Firefly.

The School has made it through some tough times; a couple of World Wars, the Blitz and all that, so we shall prevail.

In such spirit let’s finish with some normal running and good news:

The senior boys did brilliantly again in the Townsend Warner History Prize with high rankings for Vinicius, Qasim and Kwame. Likewise, in Latin, we saw Benjamin, Vinicius, Keshav and Anuj take us to second place in the Hampton School Latin Vocab Competition. In Maths, we took Golds for the first time in three years within the Primary Maths Challenge (Andrew, Hanlin and Prabodha) as well as 7 Silver and 3 Bronze. I’ve not had time to tot up the final picture of our senior school results yet this year, but I can see offers from Eton, King’s College, Hampton, Dulwich College, Reed’s, Westminster, Epsom College, Trinity and Whitgift and around 18 grammar places with scholarships currently running at 12 with more news still to come. You get the picture of some remarkable achievements that we will celebrate in time.

On staffing, Mr Fitzgerald has been promoted to Head of St Andrews in Woking from September. A great result for his young family. I’m delighted to announce that Mr Siva, our current Head of Maths and Head of Year 6, will be stepping up as Deputy Head Pastoral.

Thanks to all who supported our collection for Sutton Food Bank, helping those less fortunate: better than helping ourselves to too many toilet rolls!

Finally, some much needed levity, and given Mother’s Day, a lovely idea from Sami (Year 6) for the perfect ‘husband-bot’, his entry for a STEAM competition… Dads, time to raise the bar? See page 7 for a much-needed smile in these hard times for us all.

Take care and be safe over Easter.

John Towers