Headmaster's Highlights

Friday 12th February 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope you are well and managing to find some moments of peace amongst our now frozen lockdown. It’s good to be able to escape the humdrum and music can so often take us there.

Some celebrations at School this week as more scholarship news arrived, especially for music. At 13+ we have struck a high note this year: Vansh has been awarded a music scholarship at Eton, Felix at CLFS, Sam at CLFS, and George at both Trinity and Whitgift.

This is a particularly talented cohort, and these Scholars have applied both talent and a whole lot of hard work, with support from their parents and staff to realise these prestigious awards.

Amazing to think of the truly awful noise these boys made when they first picked up the violin, the French horn or sat at the piano and yet now they are playing like pros, with money off school fees and/or free music lessons and, of course ,giving us all joy…so worth it!

I know many families enjoyed the sideways entry of recipes and fun cooking at home in the last Headlines. We’ve capitalised on that enthusiasm and so Ms Randall has set up a TEAMS tile for staff and boys to share their own classic home recipes. The TEAM tile will be entitled ‘Dining at Homefield’ and will be visible alongside the boys’ usual assignments on the system.

For parents (only), as I feel you really deserve a strong drink now; I’ve added my take on how to mix the perfect ‘Whisky Sour’ or ‘Sidecar’ cocktail and there is also a non-alcoholic variant. Enjoy!

We’ve all benefitted from our Mental Health Awareness Week. The key priority was to explore sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas through creativity by identifying what makes us ‘feel good’. We also considered supporting others and associated interpersonal skills.

I’m mindful that this Corona crisis has given the boys a much needed opportunity to put resilience into practice and to recognize that good learning should be a challenge which requires organization and self-motivation. At the same time, we are all feeling the pinch, so finding the balance between working hard and looking after yourself and each other is a key skill.

To keep things fresh we have finished the half term with something a bit different for the boys, both purposeful and fun with some themed activities, departing from the usual timetable and including aspects such as virtual tours/visits, live tutorial groups and time for independent study.

When we return from the half term break we are going to take a couple of days to lay on virtual parent consultations, so you have a chance to speak with a range of academic tutors about their boys progress. More details to follow.

Take care,

John Towers