Head's Welcome

As one of the oldest prep schools in England, Homefield has been renowned for its academic success and family atmosphere for over 150 years. A safe and happy environment, with a real depth of specialist teaching ensures the fulfilment of our boys’ individual potential. We offer a truly cosmopolitan school, our rich diversity a real strength. A generous education should be aimed at knowledge and skill, but also at building good character. Our outcomes speak for themselves with “exceptionally positive” students who have “high levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-discipline…a well-developed sense of right and wrong…highly collaborative and supporting of each other…a strong appreciation of diversity.” (Inspectorate 2021).

The Covid-19 crisis saw our community strengthen. Our response was emphatic. No boy was going to be left behind. We provided Key Worker provision and a depth and range of online and live learning to raise the bar in both academics and wellbeing. Our boys stayed significantly ahead of national standards. Please click here to watch a video of the amazing practical and emotional responses of our boys during the pandemic.

Every year our boys receive a remarkable number of offers to both grammars and top independents. At Homefield we produce well-rounded boys who go on to some of the very best senior schools in the country, either at 11+ or 13+. These expectations are not around undue pressure to pass exams. We encourage an enlightened individual who "can do all things if he will". Creative, inquisitive and inventive.

As a charitable trust since the 1960s, a keen sense of civic responsibility is important to us. We believe that positive values influence character and attitude. In the 21st century it's more important than ever for our boys to feel rooted within a strong moral community.

If our website is your first experience of Homefield Prep, then let me extend a warm invitation for you to make a personal visit to meet us. This is by far the best way to discover all that our school has to offer. Come and talk to the boys, I am forever delighted by their energy, joy and compassion.

Mr John Towers


John has 30 years of experience in the education sector following degrees in History and in Mathematics Education. He has been a Head in two schools; leading his first to become one of the ‘most improved’ in the country and rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. He has led Homefield since 2014. John’s career has also included a tour as a School Improvement Adviser, for schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and with responsibility for ‘gifted and talented’ provision. Following this, as Director of Education for the charity 'Reach to Teach', he established schools and teacher training supporting 20,000 children in rural India. He has a strong interest in developing innovative educational practice, at Homefield and more widely, and is a Fellow and a Trustee of the Royal Society of the Arts. John is an Institute of Leadership and Management qualified Executive Coach. He has two children, now in their teens, and of course Mr Chops the spaniel who has become Homefield’s much loved mascot.

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