Head's Welcome

Founded in 1870 Homefield is steeped in history whilst also being 150 years young. As a charitable trust, a keen sense of civic responsibility is important to us. It remains a community that is, at its core, innovative and forward thinking in preparing men of the future who are: Aspirational, Assured and Achievers.

I have come to the realisation that the best schools not only focus on the development of pupils’ intellect, artistic creativity or physical health. The best schools go deeper still. They nurture the character and moral values of their pupils. As a preparatory school, not only are we preparing boys for life at senior school, but we are preparing them for the greatest adventure of all, life itself! Our passion is to help our boys hone an array of qualities – courtesy and commitment, courage and creativity, and long-lasting friendships.

Our outcomes speak for themselves with “exceptionally positive” students who have “high levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-discipline…a well-developed sense of right and wrong…highly collaborative and supporting of each other…a strong appreciation of diversity.” (Inspectorate 2021).

Every year we receive an impressively high number of offers to both grammar schools and the top independents. We serve some of the very best senior schools in the country, either at 11+ or 13+. These expectations are not around undue pressure to pass exams but instead, a genuine “can-do” attitude with which our boys approach all things.

We have recently rebuilt our School to provide a truly remarkable learning environment. We hope to inspire all with our deep commitment to sustainability; two naturally made adventure playgrounds, a living ‘green’ roof, solar panels, and natural ventilation systems.

Homefield is also a great place to work, we care about our staff morale and their well-being. They are our greatest assets who form long-lasting memories through their lessons and help develop a genuine love for their subjects in the hearts and minds of our pupils.

If our website is your first experience of Homefield Prep, then let me extend a warm invitation for you to make a personal visit to meet us. This is by far the best way to discover all that our school has to offer. Come and talk to the students and staff, I am forever delighted by their zest for learning, energy and good manners.

Mr Zak Siva

Acting Head