Assessment Process

Admissions Process

We try to make our Admissions process as simple and friendly as possible, and our Marketing and Admissions Assistant, Dipal Upton, is available to answer any questions. To find out more or to arrange a visit, please phone Dipal on 020 8642 0965 Ext 307 or email her at

Prospective parents are invited to come and meet the Head, for a tour of the school and a discussion about what Homefield offers. In addition, any specific needs of your son can be covered.


Once you are comfortable that Homefield is the right school for your son, we very much hope that you will register for a place with us (which may mean joining our waitlist if the year group is currently full). Once registered and if a place is available, we will invite your son in for a taster session. This is an opportunity for him to experience the school atmosphere on a normal day, participating in a whole range of activities. It also gives us the chance to assess your son and make sure that he will enjoy and benefit from the educational provisions we offer. Experience has taught us that these sessions are invaluable for both the prospective pupil and the school. A registration fee of £150 is payable at this stage.


Boys are invited for an initial visit during which observations and assessments take place. If your son is already in a nursery or at another school, we ask for a copy of their most recent school report.

Years 1 – 7

For children joining us in Years 1–7 an age-appropriate assessment will take place during the taster day, gently and without putting pressure on them. We also request copies of a child’s most recent school report before their visit.

For entry into Years 1 and 2 boys will sit with a member of staff and do some simple maths, reading, writing and a verbal reasoning test.

Boys looking for entry into Years 3 – 7 will sit a Cognitive Assessment Test on a laptop. We also ask for a sample of written work. If a place is offered and taken up, the results will be used for setting purposes.

Offer of a Place

If a formal offer of a place is made, the School will write to parents enclosing the admissions paperwork to be completed and returned along with a request for the Acceptance Deposit of £500 to secure the place. If we are unable to offer a place to an eligible candidate for the requested date of entry, they may be offered a place on our waiting list.

Confirming a Place

The place will not be secured until parents have completed, signed and returned the required paperwork and paid the Acceptance Deposit of £500.

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, the Acceptance Deposit will be held until your son leaves the School, when a refund will be made after the final term or used against any outstanding expenses.

Before starting your son will be invited into school for familiarisation visits and as your joining date draws near, you will receive further information and a detailed Induction pack.