Boys in Years 3to 8 follow a curriculum of Maths, English, French, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Studies, Art & Design, Music, Computing, STEAM, Verbal Reasoning, PSHE and Sport. They are taught by specialist staff and have access to all of our dedicated facilities, available both on and off-site.

In Year 5 boys are allocated into different groups for Maths and then in Year 6 for English, French and Latin. Groups are reviewed regularly based on assessment of each boy's needs and to reflect different learning styles. Teaching is aimed at developing learning independence, which is key to preparation for the needs of the 21st century education. The school uses software, GL Assessment CATs and Progress in Maths and English, to support learning.

There are three Parent Evenings over the course of the year at which parents meet their son’s tutors. Each half term we also provide parents with a summary report across all subject areas which considers both attainment and effort. Full written reports are sent home at the end of each academic year.

By the end of Year 6 we ensure that all of our boys are well prepared for their journey ahead. Some take up highly sought after places at local competitive grammar schools. Some may be ready for an independent senior school. Many will choose to continue their studies here at Homefield, particularly those boys aspiring to a very academic senior school setting, such as King's College Wimbledon, Hampton, St Pauls or Westminster.

Benefits of Years 7 and 8

Homefield has provided places for boys until 13+ for the past 150 years; benefits to academics, character, self-esteem and leadership are all palpable and worthy of noting. In terms of simple outcomes, comparative attainment and progress in core subjects is very strong and the chances of being awarded a place at the senior school of first choice is far more likely for our boys who stay in Years 7 and 8.

Common Entrance and Scholarship

Common Entrance is an academically rigorous curriculum and examination, undertaken by our boys in Years 7 and 8 who stay on until 13+. It covers the subjects of Maths, English, French, Science, History, Geography and Latin. Due to its richness and depth boys benefit greatly from the very high standards of teaching and learning they receive here at Homefield. Common Entrance, in the London area, is increasingly seen as a 'leavers certificate', rather than the primary entry requirement to independent senior schools. For very able boys the Scholarship level of the Common Entrance curriculum provides a gold standard to aspire to.