Inspiring Boys to Achieve their Very Best

Why Boys Only? Discover the Benefits...

At Homefield Prep, an all-boys education sets the stage for unparalleled development and success. With over 150 years of experience, we take pride in providing the best education exclusively for boys. Here's why:

Tailored Learning Environment for Boys:

We design lessons specifically tailored to boys' needs. Our lessons are a pacy 40 minutes long, with some ‘double’ lessons to explore practical elements of the curriculum, such as for Science experiments, and Sport. Research shows that boys benefit from regular breaks, so we incorporate "brain breaks" to keep them focused and attentive throughout the day.

Defying Gender Stereotypes:

Nationally, boys tend to underachieve compared to girls in ‘Early Learning Goals’ and again at 11+ . But not at our school! We exceed the national benchmarks at 5, 7, 11 and 13 years old. We've taken purposeful action to address this imbalance. Our adjusted timetables and targeted focus on early literacy and numeracy have produced impressive results. Boys can excel in any subject without societal pressure to conform. From the start we invest deeply in learning across the Arts, across Dance, as well as team sports. In particular, we focus on PHSE (Personal Health and Social Education) to help form character, consideration and curiosity about the world.

Providing Leadership Opportunities:

Leadership is key, and we instill it from an early age. Our boys learn good grace, responsibility, and self-regulation. Through purposeful activities and healthy competition, they develop confidence and leadership skills to guide their peers. Our House system provides a sense of place and belonging. This creates a culture that drives positive behaviours. It’s cool to want to work hard at Homefield Prep and whether boys are in the woodwind ensemble, the rugby front row or the national science quiz team, the kudos is always there.

Pastoral Support and Guidance:

In a world dominated by social media's influence, we strike the right balance. Our warm, caring environment provides guidance and boundaries. We teach boys manners, ethics, and civic responsibility and provide opportunity from them to apply this. While we're all-boys, we collaborate with all-girl schools for numerous social and sporting events, ensuring a well-rounded experience. From early on our boys learn how to be safe in a rapidly changing world. We also want them to have fun and to simply enjoy. Our busy and varied extra-curricular programme is much loved by the boys to help finish each day with joy.

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