Welcome to Reception

We deliver outstanding educational provision and in Reception we work in close partnership with our community to ensure we create the very best learning environment. By the time the boys move on to Year 1 they have developed in confidence and are well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey. We were rated as 'excellent' in every area by ISI during their last inspection.

Our boys benefit from specialist lessons in Sport, Music and French and have access to all areas of the main school, whilst also having a special section of the school to call their own. This provides a very special offer to the boys with access and coaching beyond regular EYFS provision. We look at all learning environments, indoor and outdoor, as opportunities to explore learning as we believe that contact with the wider environment expands the boys' imagination, deepens their curiosity and encourages their motivation to learn.

We have some very impressive outcomes. Boys exceed expectations in a broad array of subjects (100% reaching national Early Learning Goals) including Health and Self Care, Technology; Reading, People and Communities, the World and Exploring and Using Media and Materials. Nationally, Literacy and Mathematics remain the subjects in which fewest boys achieve the expected level or higher, however by the end of Reception at Homefield Prep is very different where 100% of our boys achieved the expected level or higher in both areas.

We also offer a concise phonics programme that ensures all boys make rapid progression with their reading. We make learning fun.

For boys joining us, we offer a series of 'Getting to Know Us' settling in sessions which have been a huge success. One of our parents told us how much her and her son enjoyed these sessions:

"Our son had a fantastic time and could not stop talking to his family about how much he enjoyed Zumba dancing and playing outside. He is so excited to start school in September. Thank you so much for organising these sessions. We really appreciate the warm friendly atmosphere you created for us and for spending quality time with us. Special thanks for the yummy treats and the lovely gifts for the boys. Absolutely thrilled to be part of the Homefield family!"