Extra-Curricular Clubs

We aim to provide a wealth of opportunities to complement, enrich and extend those already offered by the school curriculum. We believe that boys flourish when given access to a wide variety of opportunities, often discovering an interest or talent that may be developed through their life. We want boys to try new skills, have fun, learn and develop as individuals. At Homefield Prep we pride ourselves on the wide range of clubs which are available.

Clubs run by our own teaching staff are complimentary and can be booked via our online booking system, those run by our external coaches should be booked directly with the coach.

Reception, Years 1 & 2 Extra Curricular Clubs Summer Term 2022

Years 3 to 8 Extra Curricular Clubs Summer Term 2022

    Please see the information below for details on the application forms and instructions on how to apply directly to clubs run by our external coaches.


    Open to Years 1 to 6

    Club runner: Bin Tan

    Email: unlockchineseworld@gmail.com

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    Open to Years 1 to 8

    Club runner: Graeme Buckley

    Email: GNBuckley@aol.com

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    Dance Fitness

    Open to Years 3 to 8

    Club runner: Charlie Kavanagh

    Email: weight2gofitness@gmail.com

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    Debutots - Interactive Storytelling & Drama

    Open to Reception

    Club runner: Liz Gulvin

    Email: Liz@debutots.co.uk

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    Drama and Lamda

    Open to Years 1 to 8

    Club runner: Carryl Thomas

    Email: homefielddramaclub@gmail.com

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    Open from Reception to Year 5

    Club runner: Andy Ede

    Email: andy.wjc@btinternet.com

    Website: www.westcroftjudoclub.co.uk

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    Open from Reception to Year 5

    Clun runner: Master Faith Carmichael

    Website: https://www.snowheronsmartiala...

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    Tae Kwon Do

    Open to Years 3 to 8

    Club Runner: Gary Brown

    Email: hello@london-tkd.co.uk

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    Techy Tots

    Open to Reception to Year 2

    Club runner: Julie Barber

    Email: Julie.barber@techytots.co.uk

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    Open to Years 1 to 6

    Club runner: Jake Carruthers

    Email: Jakecarruthers1@gmail.com

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