Future School Options

“School leavers are successful in gaining places at senior schools with competitive entry requirements for which they are well prepared.”

ISI Inspection Report, December 2021

Homefield Prep offers options for your son’s future school and we fully support two exit points; the end of Year 6 (11+) and the end of Year 8 (13+). We believe that each boy is an individual and what works best for them is most important. Whether it be moving on from Homefield at the end of Year 6 or the end of Year 8, we are here to guide you through what may seem like a complex process and make the transition to your choice of next school as smooth as possible.

With over 150 years of experience, we recognise that completing a full education with us (to either 11+ or 13+) gives your son the time to achieve his very best, both academically and pastorally. Year on year our boys go on to the most prestigious senior schools in the country.

Boys leaving at the end of Year 6 have a variety of routes for their senior school including Grammar School (11+), non-selective state school, independent school through their chosen school’s entry exam process, or they can choose to remain at Homefield Prep until the end of Year 8.

For boys leaving at the end of Year 8, there are various options for their senior school including pre-testing (usually sat in Year 6) for independent schools, independent school testing through their chosen school’s entry exam process, and non-selective state school entry.

All Homefield Prep boys sit the ISEB Common Entrance examinations at the end of Year 8, regardless of their destination school. Common Entrance is strongly supported by many of the top independent senior schools in the UK and it provides our boys with a leavers certificate and a celebration of all their hard work at Homefield Prep. Common Entrance grades are also shared with independent senior schools for attainment setting for GCSEs in Year 9 or 10.

Please follow the links below to find out more about our provision for these routes:

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